Biokraft, Andion partner on Norwegian LBG plant expansion

Norwegian liquefied biogas (LBG) company Biokraft, has chosen Andion Global as a key contractor for the construction of a new LBG production facility.

Andion is a major waste-to-energy company and will extend Biokraft’s LBG production capacity at the Skogn II facility in Trøndelag. The firm’s experience with proprietary design, optimisation, and deliver processes of anaerobic digestion plants will be used to expand operations and to increase the conversion of biological waste into LBG.

The biological waste consists of agricultural by-products including cow manure, fish waste, and by-products from the Norwegian fish farming industry and process waste from the pulp and paper industry.

Håvard Wollan, CEO of Biokraft, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Andion for our new LBG production facility Skogn II. As the world’s largest LBG producer, we are already producing 10,000 tonnes of green fuel a year at Skogn, and we are excited about being able to expand our production capacity at this site.

“We are impressed by Andion’s proven expertise and technologies for waste-to-biogas conversion.

“According to leading energy analysts, the demand for liquid biogas by 2030 will grow to a point where we will have to build many more plants like Skogn. The industry potential is huge, so we are keen on creating the right partnerships like the one we have now with Andion.”

With Andion’s support, Biokraft will streamline operations and expand production capacity at Skogn by executing the Skogn II factory project, with construction expected to commence in late 2020.

The expansion will take place in two stages: 3,500 tonnes of biofuel at Skogn II and another 6,500 tonnes at Skogn III, with the total investment estimated at €30 million. Once completed, the project will represent a total investment of €70 million.

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