Biogest to build agricultural, food waste plant in South Korea

Biogest is to build a 190 kW agricultural and food waste biogas plant in South Korea.

The project, close to Daegu in the south of the country, will be developed with HC Energy and DoBangYukJong Farm and is supported by the Changnyeong-gun city office.

The Biogest PowerRing biogas plant, fed with pig slurry and food waste, will be an important reference plant to attract other local projects. The facility will produce electric and thermal energy. During the process, 13,000 tonnes of pig slurry and 5,000 tonnes of food waste are transformed into high-quality organic fertiliser.

Kim Hwa Su, CEO of HC Energy, said: “HC Energy will build Biogest and Korea’s first PowerRing biogas plant in Dobang Yukjong, Changnyeong-gun. Starting with the success of the first project, we hope that the supply of anaerobic biogas plant will be further spread in Korea.”

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