Biogest receives orders for two agricultural biomethane plants

Biogest has received orders to build two biomethane (RNG) plants using agricultural waste and by-products from chicken farms in western France.

Biomethane (RNG) production from animal, agricultural and food waste is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of renewable energy, said Biogest.

The first project Enerfées is located close to Rennes, jointly run by the Coopérative des Fermiers de Janzé and ENGIE. This plant is fed with manure, slurry, and agricultural by-products from approximately 50 farmers to produce 400 Nm3 per hour of biomethane.

The second project, Methagriloué, is located near Le Mans and will use similar feedstock. Its waste will be supplied by approximately 11 farmers all year round to produce 130 Nm3/h of biomethane.

Biogest’s biomethane plant technology offers key benefits in energy efficiency and operational safety, as well as an easy and cost-efficient maintenance system. During the fermentation process of both projects, 94,400 tonnes of waste per year are transformed into high-quality organic fertiliser.

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