Biogest receives order for biogas plant near Ankara, Turkey

Biogest has received an order to build an agricultural biogas plant near Ankara, Turkey. The project in Akyurt is the company's first biogas plant in Turkey and was developed in cooperation with Enerlinc.

After successfully entering the Asian market with biogas plants built in India and South Korea, this new Biogest PowerRing biogas facility is another milestone for the company's projects in Asia.

Once completed, the plant will have an electrical output of 3.12 MW and will utilise cow slurry only - 270,000 tonnes per year. The treated slurry will be used as a high-quality organic fertiliser. According to Biogest, the PowerRing technology has advantages including energy efficiency, operational safety and space-saving.

Biogas production from animal, agricultural and domestic waste is one of the most frequently studied and researched topics in Turkey, according to Biogest. Turkish legislation prohibits spreading fresh slurry on fields, providing a further incentive for biogas facilities.

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