Biogest building its fifth biogas plant in the UK

Biogest is set to build its fifth gas-to-grid biogas plant in the UK. The company, which is already supporting eighteen plants in the UK with its biological and technical service, is also expanding the network of service contracts it has in the country.

When completed, the new plant will have an output of 1,400 standard cubic metres of biogas per hour, corresponding to a thermal output of approximately 7MW. It will operate on a combination of agricultural waste and energy crops.

Most of the gas generated in the plant will be fed into the network as biomethane, with the remainder being converted into electricity and heat in the CHP. The plant will be able to supply approximately 4000 households with gas, while the thermal energy will be used in the pasteurisation plant.

Biogest has also just taken on a new service contract for an agricultural biogas plant near Manchester. The company is providing biological and technical support for the Biogest PowerCompact biogas plant, which has an electrical output of 124kW and can supply around 370 households with electricity via the grid. The plant, which was built by Biogest but is run jointly with agricultural shareholders, uses existing manure to generate biogas. This manure is then available as an ecological fertiliser after the treatment process. 

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