Biogaspark Neckar-Odenwald constructs biogas plant

Germany-based Biogaspark Neckar-Odenwald GmbH (BNO) is building a biogas refinery that will produce 800kW of energy.

Following construction company UTS’ recent signing of a €1.5 million contract that will see the construction of the biogas plant based in Bieringen, Germany, the official ceremony took place on 26 April at the site of the new plant.

The order came from Biogaspark Neckar-Odenwald GmbH (BNO) based in Buchen, Baden-Wuerttemberg. The electricity, produced from corn, grass silages and whole crop silage, will be provided to the grid.

The customer was set up after a proposal from the district Neckar-Odenwald by the Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft des Neckar-Odenwald-Kreises GmbH (AWN) as a way of highlighting the importance of using renewable, regional energy due to increasing energy prices and climate change.

The Biogaspark Neckar-Odenwald GmbH had a specific brief for the site of the biogas refinery in Bieringen. To match these requirements UTS installed its Triton series, which is equipped with hydraulic mixing technology.

‘The biogas industry in Germany is clearly on the upswing again. But we all are pretty aware of the fact that this will not be permanent. Because of its innovative concept, the biogas plant Bieringen will turn out to be an internationally important reference plant for UTS,’ said the VP of UTS Biogastechnik GmbH Ludwig Dinkloh.

Biogaspark Neckar-Odenwald GmbH, together with UTS built its first biogas plant in Rosenberg three years ago. In the first quarter of this year alone UTS has sold a number of small- to medium-sized biogas facilities in Germany generating between 190 and 360kW of power.

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