Biogas to boost ‘future competitiveness’ for Danish company

Enzyme producer Novozymes is to work with global healthcare company Novo Nordisk to begin large-scale biogas production.

Wastewater taken from NN factories in Kalundborg, Denmark will go through a new 36m high biogas reactor to produce 47MWh of electricity a year, equal to power from seven wind turbines.

‘This enables us to reduce our CO2 emission with 21,000 tonnes annually, equivalent to emissions from 12,000 households or 1,000 trucks each driving 1,000 kilometres,’ says Line Sandberg, VP of Novozymes’ Danish production.

Sandberg adds ‘the future’ as another reason for the multi-million move into on-site biogas production.

‘It is an investment in lower energy costs,’ he reveals. ‘Our Danish production reaches the whole world so the energy costs are important to us. This reactor is an important investment in making our Danish production more competitive.’

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