Biogas projects in US receive cash injection

The California Energy Commission has dished out more than $4.4 million (€3.2 million) toward two biogas projects.

Blue Line Transfer has received $2.5 million to continue its project in constructing a dry anaerobic digestor compressed natural gas system to fuel five refuse and recycling vehicles. I hopes to convert 9,000 tonnes of plant and food waste into biomethane.

The other beneficiary, to the tune of $1.8 million, is the Sacremento Municipal Utility District. It will use the funds to help complete a $13 million anaerobic digestor project by Clean World Partners, in which it aims to reduce CO2 production from the overall process.

‘These awards are helping to support the expansion of alternative fuels and zero-emission vehicles in California,’ says Robert Weisenmiller, energy commission chairman. ‘Additionally, the funded projects will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants to protect our environment and improve the health of all Californians.’

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