Biogas project launched in 17 Turkish cities

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Turkey's energy ministry has started the implementation of a micro project, which envisions farmer-obtained animal waste from three cows as being able to produce enough natural gas to eventually meet cooking needs.
The project has been launched in 17 cities as a pilot study, and it aims to support farmers unable to access gas in rural areas.
Turkish Electromechanic Industries is leading the research and development study of micro-energy projects, which have been implemented under the instruction of energy minister Fatih Dönmez.
A device called BİOTEM has been produced by a Turkish engineer. The device, which designed under Dönmez's instruction, produces 1 cubic metre of gas from 20 litres of waste per day, the amount with which a household can cook three meals a day.
“The villagers liked it very much, and we received positive feedback. They brew and cook their meals with animal wastes,” TEMSAN head Fatih Öztürk said, adding that they produced as much gas as a large cylinder in a month.
He also pointed out that they set up a remote monitoring system through which the quality of the gas can be measured. “This creates scientific data for us.”
Noting that electricity can also be produced with this device, which will soon go into mass production, Öztürk said there is a great demand for the device, especially from Africa.

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