Biogas potential in Southeast Asia

IES Biogas is investing heavily in the Southeast Asian biogas market. The Italian arm of Snam Group spoke to Bioenergy Insight about the region’s potential.

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest-growing economic regions. To support its development, access to affordable, secure, and sustainable energy will be crucial over the coming years.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) foresees a 60% increase in energy demand by 2040 in this region, and recognises bioenergy and biogas as the cornerstones of the renewable energy portfolio, aimed at drastically reducing the use of fossil fuels. According to the IEA’s Southeast Asia Energy Outlook 2019, wind and solar are set to grow rapidly from today’s low levels, while hydropower and modern bioenergy — including biofuels, biomass, biogas and bioenergy derived from other waste products — remain the mainstays of Southeast Asia’s renewable energy portfolio.

Southeast Asian countries have the potential to implement a substantial number of biogas plants using agricultural and agro-industrial residues as feedstock. At present, the total installed capacity...

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