Biogas plant using livestock manure opened in Taiwan

A new biogas plant has opened in Taiwan – the country’s first to use livestock manure as a feedstock.

For the project in Hualien County on Taiwan’s east coast, the new Pushige Biomass Energy Centre features six of Landia’s externally-mounted GasMix systems, which have a verified track record of enhancing biogas yields.

The 18.5 kW units, ordered by Fluid Power Co, are helping to generate what will amount to approximately 876,000 kWh of electricity each year for the Taipower grid, equivalent to the electricity capacity of 250 households, from 300 tons of livestock manure wastewater every day.

Using the Landia chopper pump, the digester mixing system draws thick liquid from the bottom of the 6,000 m3 tank, where solids are chopped to accelerate the digestion process and prevent the clogging of pipes and nozzles.

“The early results already prove conclusively that the Landia digester mixing system is the very best for producing high levels of methane – and quickly,” said Mark Lo, managing director of Fluid Power Co. “It is also extremely reliable and very easy to maintain.”

As well as producing biogas and creating high-quality organic fertiliser from biogas residue, the $3 million (€2.6 million) Pushige Biomass Energy Centre (49% financed by Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration) will also help reduce the discharge of high chemical oxygen demand, high biological oxygen demand, and high nitrogen from livestock wastewater into irrigation channels and the Xiuguluan Creek by almost 110,000 tonnes annually.

Additionally, CO2 emissions will be reduced by approximately 3,000 tonnes. Rice farmers are already using the nutrient-rich, organic biogas digestate for their farmland, immediately seeing a ‘vast improvement’ compared to the previously-used chemical fertilisers.

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