Biogas plant planned for Port of Seville

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The Port Authority of Seville (APS) in Spain has initiated the project competition process for an administrative concession, following an application by Efedos Sevilla to construct a renewable gas (RNG) plant in the Cuarto basin.
The facility would utilise agro-industrial organic waste and bio-waste to produce biofertiliser and biogas, which would then be transformed into biomethane. The biomethane will be injected into the natural gas network.
Efedos Sevilla has expressed its interest in the Port of Seville, in the public port domain that lies within the municipality of Dos Hermanas.
The requested area reaches 15,000 m2 divided into four work areas: a biogas plant, a biogas enrichment plant, and areas for the storage and reception of organic waste.
The company has earmarked €11 million for the plant's construction.

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