Biogas plant opens in India

In India, following the opening of its first plant in February 2010, the city of Pune’s second biogas facility has recently come online.

Generating electricity from around 3.5 tonnes of wet garbage a day, the new plant, which is located at Lumbini garden in the Maharashtra Housing Board, is currently powering almost 100 streetlights, including 15 250W, 29 150W and 70W and 25 96W lamps.

According to ward officer Vasant Patil: ‘The idea began when the Urali Devachi issue happened. We decided to install biogas to solve the problem. Garbage is neatly segregated and the advantage is that the electricity generated is even used for lighting street lamps.’

By October this year Patil is aiming to increase production at the plant, which will see the facility operating at its full capacity of 5 tonnes.

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