Biogas plant helps farm recover from low pig-farming profits

In Gloucestershire, UK, Glebe Farm has installed a biogas plant to boost the facility's income.

The new plant, which farmer James Hart describes as 'a 3,000-tonne cow's stomach', handles animal waste from 4,000 pigs, 100 cows and 100,000 chickens and converts it into renewable energy. It also reduces the farm's carbon emissions by around 10,000 tonnes a year.

The 2.2 million kW/h of renewable electricity generated at the site is enough to power more than 175 households. It is expected to slash the farm's fuel bills by around £30,000 (€33,500) and heat the entire facility for no extra costs.

The process will also produce fertiliser, saving Hart an additional £60,000 a year.

The plant has now been operating for three months. 'We are ahead of schedule and have already hit our September bank targets,' Hart says.

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