Biogas plant breaks ground in Alberta

In Alberta, Canada, construction has started on a biogas plant that will generate 2.85MW a year of renewable power.

The $30 million (€20.9 million) plant is being developed by partners ECB Enviro North America and PlanEt Biogas Solutions of Ontario.

When the plant begins production in January 2013, it will handle 160,000 tonnes of liquid waste and produce enough electricity to power 2,500 households. It will convert animal and vegetable waste collected from restaurants and industrial food plants into electricity, fertiliser pellets and liquid fertiliser.

Electricity produced at the facility will be sold back to the grid, while the amount of CO2 emissions will be reduced by 45,000 tonnes a year.

'We have more than enough hog and dairy manure [locally] to feed the whole plant,' says Thane Hurlburt, president of ECB Enviro North America. 'If you could gather every last ounce of manure and do nothing but put it through plants like this that generate electricity, we could generate 400MW just within this country.' That is enough to power 400,000 homes.

The new plant will create 10 new jobs.

Learn more about the Canadian biofuels market at the Biofuels International Canada expo & conference. Held on 3-4 October 2011 at the Telus Conventional Centre in Calgary, Alberta, the show offers companies involved in the biofuel market an opportunity to network with existing and potential customers.

Hear from industry experts, including:

- William Brady, president and CEO, Mascoma Corporation

- Marie-Helene Labrie, VP of government affairs and communications, Enerkem

- Jon Scharingson, director of marketing, Renewable Energy Group

- Peter Ryus, manager of certification and implementation, Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels

- George Stanko, president and chairman of the board, CORE BioFuel

- Paul Kamp, VP, Inbicon  

For more information about the Biofuels International Canada expo & conference visit: http://www.biofuelsinternationalexpo.com/canada/index.html 

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