Biogas fuelled bus launched in India – the cheapest public transport in the country

A company in Kolkata, India, has launched a new bus that runs on biogas produced from cow dung.

Phoenix India Research (PIR), the company behind the new bus, claims it’s the first biogas fuelled bus to be launched in south-east Asia. Four more biogas buses are set to enter service in Kolkata over the next month, with a further ten planned by the end of the year.

The bus will be the cheapest public transport in India, charging a flat fare of one rupee (EUR 0.01) per journey, whatever the distance. The next cheapest bus service currently in operation in Kolkata charges 6 rupees (EUR 0.09) per journey.

PIR developed the bus in collaboration with Ashok Leyland, PIR manufacturing the biogas in Birbhum district and transporting it via tanker to Kolkata. The biogas costs 20 rupees (EUR 0.28) per kilogram, with the bus running 5km/kg. PIR hopes to eventually improve fuel efficiency to 20kM/kg.

In addition to the bus, PIR have got permission to create 100 fuel pumps in Kolkata. It hopes to generate additional revenue by selling advertising space on both the inside and outside of the bus.

West Bengal transport minister Suvendu Adhikari told the Times of India: "It is a welcome development. We will issue permit if the company fulfils all laws and norms of the centre."

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