Biogas bottling takes off in Haryana

The Indian state of Haryana is on track to get its first biogas bottling plants, after the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) granted approval for two projects.

The first of the two plants will be located at Hansi, and construction is due to start in August 2011. Tohana will be home to the second plant, which will be commissioned by 2012, according to the Haryana Renewable Energy Development Authority (HARDEA).

The Hansi plant will have a 1,000m3 capacity and cost around Rs 183 lakh to build. The 600m3 plant in Tohana is slated to be commissioned in February 2012, with a Rs 85 lakh investment.

And this innovative idea of bottling biogas is proving popular elsewhere in the state also. HARDEA has received a further three proposals for biogas bottling plants.

One application proposes building a 4,216m3 biogas fertiliser plant for the production, purification, enrichment, bottling and pipe distribution in the district of Sirsa, while another suggests developing a 10,000m3 capacity biogas bottling and pipe distribution facility in the district of Yamunangar.

To date, none of these proposals have been approved.

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