Biogas, biomethane can speed up EU’s economic recovery, says Eurogas

Gaseous solutions including biogas, biomethane and hydrogen are needed to speed up the European Union’s economic recovery, according to Eurogas.

The association has highlighted the importance of financing the uptake of hydrogen production and accelerating renovation, adding that it is ‘integral’ to a successful green recovery.

“Keeping business as usual is not possible in the post-COVID-19 world,” said Eurogas secretary-general, James Watson. “It is time to shape the new normal, by accelerating the development and financing of green technologies, including for the biogas, biomethane and hydrogen production.

“Gaseous solutions are needed for relaunching the EU industry, securing jobs for European citizens and maintaining industrial leadership for European businesses, while delivering on the carbon neutrality goal.”

Eurogas believes that scaling up hydrogen production is an opportunity to demonstrate Europe’s commitment to decarbonisation. The association said the EU’s support should cover all forms of renewable and decarbonised hydrogen, ensuring the competitiveness of Europe’s industrial sector and securing high-quality jobs for Europeans.

A green recovery package combining all decarbonisations options ‘would create a momentum for innovation’ in Europe, according to Eurogas, serving as a ‘catalyst’ for breakthroughs in research and development for technologies such as electrolysis, anaerobic digestion, carbon capture and storage, pyrolysis and LNG engines.


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