Biogas and biofuel advances in Pakistan

The Pakistani government is to implement several new plants with the aim of creating a total of 304MW of electricity from city waste.

Many projects are already underway, with an aggregate capacity of 57MW, and the subsequent facilities will create a further 247MW via agricultural, industrial and biogas waste products.

 A senior government official stated that agricultural waste projects were being executed in Sindh, Shahkot, Okara and Pak Pattan.

He said that projects through industrial waste included 27MW to be produced in DI Khan, plus a power purchase agreement had been signed by electricity distributor FESCO and Shakarganj Sugar Mills to produce 7MW, among others.

A Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) initiative is also being produced by converting municipal waste into combustible components through dehydration. Presently, a number of RDF plants were producing and selling fuel to the cement industry.

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