Bioenergy takeover

With more than 300 installations under its belt, Host has big plans for the future of bioenergy.

From its humble beginnings as an engineering firm advising industrial companies on energy efficiency, Host has become a major player in the bioenergy industry.

Host was the result of a joint venture between Holec Projects and Stork, two well-established suppliers of energy systems and innovative technologies in 1991. Today, the company has an impressive portfolio of projects, from its bioenergy facility at one of the world’s largest mushroom farms in the Netherlands, to a major anaerobic digestion (AD) facility at a country estate in the UK, utilising agricultural and food waste. In fact, Host has built over 300 bioenergy installations in more than 30 countries, the oldest of which have been running for more than two decades.

Over the last three decades, has Host developed a wide technology portfolio built around renewable gas (AD, biogas upgrading/ biomethane, carbon capture and liquefaction, bio-LNG) and renewable heat and electricity through the thermal conversion of biomass and refuse-derived...

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