Bioenergy strategy promised as Canadian producers battle for greater recognition

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Colin Ley examines the challenges and optimism within the Canadian biomass industry.
Bioenergy developers in Canada have pretty much had to make their own opportunities in the past, often working to advance the industry without the focus of funding and regulatory attention often given to other parts of the climate change and renewable energy community.
How much this might now change in response to the Canadian government's publication in March of its 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan remains to be seen. Running to 271 pages, the plan is not exactly a quick or easy read. At that length, however, it surely has something for all sectors to embrace, even Canada's wood pellet industry which, despite its impressive global status, has long struggled to attract the level of political support which its leaders believe is justified.
"The federal government is fixated on solar, hydrogen and wind," said Gordon Murray, executive director, Wood Pellet Association of Canada, adding that the country's political leaders seem "quite unaware" of biomass and what the...

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