Bioenergy project receives final cheddar injection

A new bioenergy project in Wisconsin, US has received the financing to complete its dairy-based electricity production.

GreenWhey, the company behind the project has secured the $28 million (€21.5 million) needed to secure the future of an anaerobic digester which will turn 500,000 gallons of diary wastewater into 3.2MW of electricity.

‘The project is believed to be the first privately-owned wastewater treatment facility in Wisconsin that brings together the organic waste from multiple food producers, mostly cheese and dairy, into a central bioenergy facility,’ a GreenWhey statement says.

The organic waste will be sourced from nearby cheese factories and a soy food ingredient plant, with some organic fertilizer produced as a by-product.

 Power company Xcel Energy is reported to have signed up to purchase the electricity created via GreenWhey’s project.

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