Bioenergy Europe's woodchip certification programme open for comment

European stakeholders involved in the wood chips sector can now review and comment on the main elements of Bioenergy Europe’s (formerly AEBIOM) proposed woodchip certification guidelines.

Since the start of 2018, Bioenergy Europe has been ‘actively’ working on a quality scheme for woodchips ‘at the international level.’

Named ‘GoodChips’, the certification will certify the quality of woodchips and hog fuels products, according to Bioenergy Europe, “covering all types of quality” through a dozen classes.

A Bioenergy Europe statement claims that the certification scheme aims to replicate the approach used in the ENplus pellet certification scheme, which the association also manages.

The certification scheme will be managed with a third-party conformity assessment in a bid to ensure impartiality and transparency for companies and end-users.

With the official launch of the certification scheme scheduled for the end of 2018, Bioenergy Europe has now invited "business players involved in the sector" to give their opinions on the future requirements of the scheme. Specifically, comment is invited on the main elements of the certification guidelines, concerning technical specification, role of certification bodies, fees and trademark use.

Responses are required by September 7, and take the form of four dedicated questionnaires available from Bioenergy Europe’s website.

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