Bioenergy Europe’s recommendations on the road to 2040

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Martina Marignani, junior communications officer at Bioenergy Europe, gives an overview of the trade association’s manifesto, ahead of the European elections this summer.
The next European electoral mandate will have a crucial role in delivering on the European Union’s (EU) climate and energy targets. Representing over half of Europe’s renewable energy production, bioenergy is a key actor in the transition. However, to live up to our ambitions for 2050, policymakers will need to take some important steps ahead.
In its Manifesto 3 Steps Towards the Energy Transition, Bioenergy Europe joins the discussion on the EU’s energy and climate future, sharing three essential recommendations for the new legislature and beyond.
Defossilise Europe by outlining a clear fossil fuel exit strategy
More renewables and cutting-edge technologies will be essential for the transition, yet phasing out fossil fuels and cutting subsidies remains a necessity. This was acknowledged in the latest COP28 agreement and confirmed by the WTO Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform initiative, which strongly condemned the way fossil fuel subsidies affect...

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