Bioenergy Europe welcomes EU’s 90% GHG emissions reduction target

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Bioenergy Europe has welcomed the European Commission’s announcement on its 2040 climate targets, stating that a 90% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the right response to the ever-growing threat of climate change.
The association added that achieving the objectives set by the Commission will require a herculean push for the European Union in all sectors.
As it stands, sustainable bioenergy is the main source of renewable energy in Europe, especially for heating. A pragmatic approach paired with robust policy implementation and widespread collaboration among Member States and stakeholders will be essential, according to the association.
Bioenergy technologies are manufactured in the EU and use local resources, making bioenergy an indispensable ally to enhance Europe’s resilience.
“The ambition is commendable,” said Jean -Marc Jossart, secretary general of Bioenergy Europe. “But the Communication lacks a clear emphasis on the need to increase the EU's resilience. Europe can show the way towards a more sustainable future by relying more on its own resources and on trustable partners”.
“Bioenergy Europe is glad to see clear and ambitious targets in the Commission's Communication. Now it is time for actions to follow intentions and set a clear Fossil Fuel Exit Strategy,” added Irene di Padua, policy director at Bioenergy Europe “As demonstrated over the past decades, energy from solid biomass has the ability to replace fossil fuels sustainably and is expected to continue doing so in the future”.
Renewables and carbon removal technologies will be necessary to achieve the 2040 target. Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is the perfect example of coupling renewable energy production and carbon dioxide removal, according to Bioenergy Europe. The European Commission communication “Towards an Ambitious Industrial Carbon Management for the EU” marks a pivotal moment in shaping the future of carbon reduction strategies.
"Bioenergy Europe applauds the Commission's emphasis on industrial carbon removals. Financial incentives will be needed for their deployment,” said Ennio Prizzi, Bioenergy Europe’s policy officer. “It is also encouraging that the EU is exploring ways to establish a compliance market. A successful Strategy implementation will require international cooperation, cross-border transport, storage and technological transfer.”

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