Bioenergy Europe welcomes ECJ ruling on wood biomass

Bioenergy Europe has welcomed the decision made by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to dismiss a case filed against wood biomass as ‘inadmissible’.

The case was filed with the EU highest court in Luxembourg on 4 March 2019 by a group of individuals and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). With this ruling, the ECJ ‘clears doubts’ on the future of wood biomass, according to Bioenergy Europe.

In a statement, the organisation said: “The inclusive work carried by the decision-makers and experts during many years of consultations, scientific debate and evidence collection that led to the REDII sustainability framework is once more acknowledged as a solid approach.”

Bioenergy Europe added that since the early stages of consultation, the bioenergy industry has “fully supported” the introduction of sustainability criteria for solid biomass. If sustainably sourced and produced, bioenergy brings “considerable environmental and socioeconomic benefits,” according to the organisation.

Today, bioenergy accounts for almost 60% of all the renewable energy use and it is a major player in the EU, contributing to local and regional economic development with more than 703,000 jobs.

“The ECJ’s ruling marks an important step in view of the REDII implementation phase,” said Jean-Marc Jossart, Bioenergy Europe’s secretary-general. “A short-sighted and ill-informed debate has been too often put forward without even having the opportunity to see the sustainability criteria in operation.

“While we welcome the court decision, the bioenergy sector will keep supporting sustainable sourcing of bioenergy, with the aim of delivering on the 2050 decarbonisation goal.”

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