Bioenergy Europe releases Biogas Statistical Report 2023

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Bioenergy Europe released its Biogas Statistical Report 2023, in collaboration with the European Biogas Association (EBA), yesterday (21 June).
The report presents recent trends for the consumption and production of biogas and biomethane within Europe. Its accompanying Policy Brief includes the most pragmatic legislative recommendations to best promote integration of the energy system and renewable energy carriers - such as biogases.
In 2021, the European biogas market continued its growth trajectory, with biomethane growing 20% year-on-year and reaching 15.075 ktoe in terms of gross inland energy consumption of combined biogas and biomethane, the report found.
Despite significant differences among EU27 countries, this corresponds to an average share of 10% of total bioenergy gross inland consumption, the document added.
The study noted that, in 2021, the main share of biogas went towards the generation of electricity. However, with current growth patterns and policies, upgrading to biomethane will become the norm in the future, it went on to say.
Production has never been higher than in 2021, it continued. Even if it has been concentrated in the biomethane sector, most of the newly installed anaerobic digestion (AD) plants upgraded from biogas to biomethane, with a total of 18,4 bcm of biogases being produced.
While the deployment of new biomethane operations continues, coherent policies that ensure the renewability of all sustainable bioenergy solutions and that create a proper framework for solid biomass, biogas and biomethane are necessary in order to reach the REPowerEU biomethane target of 35 bcm, said the report.
To achieve this goal, a mandatory target in the Gas Decarbonisation Regulation would send the right signal to investors, it added.
"It is important to highlight the role of all biomass technologies in achieving a low-carbon economy," said Jean-Marc Jossart, secretary general of Bioenergy Europe. "To this end, EU policymakers must ensure an adequate framework and avoid closing the door on decarbonisation opportunities."
Giulia Laura Cancian, secretary general of the EBA, added that: “More than ever, to strengthen EU energy security and achieve climate mitigation objectives, policies should offer a clear and coherent pathway to scaling up biogases. As a first step, the EU should reverse the production vs. end uses paradox”.

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