Bioenergy could fuel Europe for 43 days in 2018

Biomass could cover the energy needs of all 28 member states of the EU from 19 November to the end of the year, according to Bioenergy Europe.

The figures have been announced as part of the build up to Bioenergy Europe’s ‘European Bioenergy Day’, which will be held on 19 November to mark the point in the year from which Europe’s energy needs could be met with bioenergy. Significantly, the date falls two days earlier than in 2017.

Bioenergy Europe, a recent rebrand of AEBIOM, converts the forecasts for Europe’s energy consumption into calendar format in order to make the calculations. The figures state that Europe will rely on fossil and nuclear energy for 293 days in 2018, and renewables, including bioenergy, for a total of 72 days.

The statistics reveal significant growth in bioenergy over the years. According to the Bioenergy Europe press release, bioenergy was providing only 18 days clean energy to Europeans in the year 2000.

The European Bioenergy Day campaign, now in its second year, has been set up with the aim of informing the public and all relevant energy stakeholders about the role bioenergy is playing in Europe’s energy mix.

“There’s room to deliver more”, said Jean-Marc Jossart, secretary General of Bioenergy Europe, “and to do so sustainably. We should all look forward to having the Bioenergy Day earlier every year, signaling a much-needed relief from fossil fuel consumption”.


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