Bioenergy and biofuels coming online in Florida

Ineos Bio has hailed the first renewable power production at its joint renewable energy project in Florida, US.

The Indian River Bioenergy Centre is currently turning local yard, vegetative and agricultural wastes into advanced biofuels and renewable power. The facility was a joint venture with development company New Plant Energy.

The facility is expected to generate 6MW of renewable power annually, with a net export of renewable electricity to power up to 1,400 nearby homes. Ineos also expects the start of bioethanol production before the end of 2012 and hopes to produce around 8 million gallons of advanced cellulosic bioethanol at full capacity.

‘The power generated improves the energy efficiency and greenhouse gas savings of the facility while contributing to the base load of renewable electricity for the local community,’ says Ineos Bio CEO Peter Williams. ‘We also look forward to rolling out our technology globally to provide the benefits of bioethanol and renewable power from waste to local communities.’

Williams adds that the facility is the first large-scale project in the US to receive registrations from the EPA for a facility using non-food vegetative waste materials to produce cellulosic ethanol.

The Centre employs 60 full-time members of staff.

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