Biocow relaunches as Adapt Biogas to support UK expansion plans

UK biogas producer Biocow has relaunched as Adapt Biogas, unveiling a new logo, website, and brand to support its UK expansion plans.

Since 2012, Adapt Biogas has pioneered the use of agricultural waste at scale in the UK energy sector through anaerobic digestion (AD). The firm currently operates four plants across Murrow, Ellough, Attleborough, and Holton, with a combined capacity of 2,460 standard cubic metres (sm3) per hour.

The company recently developed the UK’s first anaerobic digestion (AD) plant connection into the National Grid’s high-pressure National Transmission System. The pipeline connection will support biogas flows of up to 15,000 sm3 per hour, equivalent to the annual gas consumption of 10 average UK households every hour.

Adapt Biogas’ brand relaunch comes as the firm positions itself for further expansion as a provider of operations and maintenance services, and as a capital and strategic partner to new developers and existing plant owners, building on the progress it has made so far.

“Since 2012, we’ve brought passion and dedication to the UK anaerobic digestion industry,” said Chris Waters, managing director of Adapt Biogas. “We’re excited to expand further and continue to help decarbonise UK agriculture and gas networks while improving the country’s energy security.

“To achieve our growth ambitions, we’re now actively seeking new partnerships in several areas including at greenfield, turnaround, and performing plants that manage agricultural, food and other waste feedstocks across the country.”

In November 2019, Macquarie Capital Principal Finance acquired Adapt Biogas, with the goal of building a platform of multiple AD plants that enable each facility to drive cost efficiencies, share operational best practice, drive innovation, and better monetise biogas production.

Patrick Ottersback, managing director at Macquarie Capital Principal Finance, said Adapt Biogas has made “great progress” since the acquisition, deploying its capital to scale while leveraging its experience across energy and infrastructure.

“The technology could make a significant contribution to the UK’s energy transition,” said Ottersback, “and we look forward to continuing to support growth in the sector, expanding through new partnerships to achieve our goal.”

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