BioAmber and Mitsui to build biochemical facilities around the world

Biofuels company BioAmber and chemicals business Mitsui have joined forces to build a manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada.

The first phase of the development will produce 17,000 tonnes of biosuccinic acid and is due to open in 2013. The companies plan to expand the facility, adding a further 35,000 tonnes of succinic acid and then increase the size of the facility to include facilities for the production of 23,000 tonnes of 1.4 butanediol (BDO).

In total, the facility will have a capacity of 165,000 tonnes of succinic acid and 123,000 tonnes of BDO.

Another plant has been planned for Thailand, which is expected to come online in 2014. Currently the plans are being looked at under a feasibility study in which PTT MCC BIochem could form a venture with the other two companies for the development.

Finally, a third plant could be built in either North America or Brazil, which will be of a similar size to the one in Thailand.

BioAmber plans to develop a technology platform which, using industrial biotechnology, creating a purification process and catalysts to convert renewable feedstocks into replacements for petroleum.

The company is also currently producing and selling succinic acid at its plant in France, using commercial-scale fermenters as one of its key technologies.

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