Belgium set for first biomethane installation

Bright Biomethane has been chosen to supply the biogas upgrading system for the Energy Conversion Facility in the Belgian municipality of Beerse. As well as marking Bright Biomethane’s first project in Belgium, it is also the ‘first’ biomethane installation in the country.

The biogas upgrade is being carried out for IOK Afvalbeheer, an organisation responsible for waste management for several municipalities in the north of Belgium.

One of the facilities produces biogas through the dry digestion of around 35,000 tonnes of garden, fruit and vegetable waste from households in the Kempen area. 25% of that biogas will be used to produce biomethane using Bright Biomethane’s system. The other 75% will be used in a combined heat and power plant (CHP) to generate electricity and heat for use in the biogas and upgrading plant.

The first phase of the new facility will be capable of producing 150Nm3 of biogas per hour, enough biomethane for 250 households. In the future, this capacity will rise to 400Nm3 per hour.

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