Belenergia and PRODEVAL collaborate to develop biogas projects

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Belenergia and PRODEVAL, both key players in the international development of the biogas sector, have come together to combine their expertise. The companies signed a framework agreement on June 9, to develop biogas projects across Europe.

The collaboration, already begun between the two companies, aims to complete Belenergia’s biomethane offer in the biogas upgrading market, CNG, LNG and CO2 valorisation with PRODEVAL’s technology through the development of projects planned in Italy, Spain, France and Greece. 

“We are proud to sign this agreement with Belenergia as we share the same values and convictions. We are both motivated to invest in a sustainable and responsible energy future,” stated Sébastien Paolozzi – CEO of PRODEVAL.

Jacques-Edouard Lévy – CEO of Belenergia added: “We are delighted to have a major technological play in the field of renewable gas on our side. PROVEDAL has a high level of engineering expertise in engineering, design and integration, along with a quality of services key to industrial excellence.  Belenergia aims to build sites with sustainable environmental and industrial solutions and this long-term partnership is part of our roadmap.”

This new partnership between two major players in the biogas sector in Europe is excellent news and confirms the good dynamics of the sector.


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