Beaver Wood Energy beavers away in Vermont

Beaver Wood Energy is planning to construct a large biomass and wood pellet production facility at the former Green Mountain Race Track in Vermont, US, and the company recently met with the State Board to discuss the project further.

When the facility is completed, after a 26-month construction period, the 144-acre site will consist of a 29MW biomass plant and an integrated pellet plant, which is expected to manufacture 110,000 tonnes of pellets each year.

The build will create 800 construction jobs while the plant is being built and 50 permanent positions once it is up and running.

The plant will convert forestry waste and waste wood left over from logging and other forestry applications from within a 50-mile radius.

According to Tom Emero of Beaver Wood Energy the majority of the wood waste will be burned in the power-generation plant while whole logs will be debarked and turned into chips before processed into pellets. Ash created from burning the wood will be moistened before sold to farmers as a lime replacement.

The main boiler section will be 100 feet tall and the water vapour-releasing stack will be between 180 and 230 feet high.

Although meetings with the Select Board have begun it is likely that the facility will have to go through a local permitting process, which will involve a public hearing process.

However, when construction does commence, it has been decided that silos used to store the wood will be erected between the households located towards the north of the site and the boiler facility. This will reduce the levels of noise and cause less disruption to local residents.

The project engineer also envisages the construction of a railroad spur that will enable wood pellets to be transported in bulk.

Beaver Wood Energy is developing a similar project in Fair Haven, Vermont, and has already approached the Select Board.

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