BDI to build biogas plant in France

BioDiesel International (BDI) has secured a contract to build a multi-feedstock biogas plant in northern France for €4.45 million.

The plant was commissioned by a French waste disposal company that will use the facility to crush, handle and convert the organic waste into biogas to power an electricity and thermal energy system.

Each year the plant will produce 4.2 million Nm³, which will generate 2.1MW of electricity, powering about 4,000 homes.

The facility is being built with the potential for expansion with the opportunity to double the facility in size further down the line.

Waste for the facility will be collected from food production, retailing, catering and agricultural industries and about 65,000 tonnes will be able to be processed at the plant at a time.

The technology in the plant will separate the waste into different streams – dividing the organic and the packaging materials, such as metal or glass. This allows the biogas created to be as a clean and dry substance.

‘Our new separation method is a direct feeding of biogas substrate with a digestion system without the usual scum formation, which in conventional process occurs frequently and may cause undesired operation,’ says Edgar Ahn, president of BDI.

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