BayoTech joins European Biogas Association

BayoTech, which specialises in hydrogen production using biogas, has joined the European Biogas Association (EBA).

Steve Jones, vice-president of BayoTech Europe, said: “Renewable gases will play a key role in supporting the EU’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Biogas represents an important pathway to hydrogen production that makes carbon neutral, or even carbon negative, hydrogen achievable today.

“The EBA is a committed advocate for the production and consumption of renewable gases throughout Europe and we look forward to working together to help spread the message.”

“BayoTech’s technologies are based on the production of hydrogen through biogas and the integration of these two renewable gases with their respective advantages in one production chain that can help us to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in multiple sectors,” commented Harmen Dekker, president of the EBA.

“In transport, we can reach negative emissions and power highly efficient cars, trucks, buses, ships, and trains. This is an optimal solution to scale-up the renewable gas industry and develop our future energy systems.”

EBA’s membership comprises national biogas associations, institutes, and companies from more than 29 countries.

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