Barrow Green Gas welcomes recognition of green gas certificates under GHG Protocol

UK biomethane shipper Barrow Green Gas (BAGG) has welcomed changes to the greenhouse gas reporting regulations, which mean that the use of green gas now allows for near-zero GHG emission reporting.

Green gas certificates are now recognised under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, according to the company. This offers companies an opportunity to reduce their reported carbon emissions by using green gas from the gas grid, backed by Green Gas Certificates.

The UK has the fastest growing biomethane market in the world and dedicated biomethane shipper. BGG said that it was the largest shipper of biomethane. In addition, BGG markets green gas certificates (GGCs), the value of which is now considerably increased for companies required to report on emissions.

Barrow Green Gas’s managing director Tim Davis said: “Now that green gas certificates have been officially recognised, companies using green gas can report near-zero GHG emission for green gas used onsite.

“We would be delighted to supply green gas to any businesses that are looking to reduce their reported emissions.

“With public disclosure and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions becoming standard practice in industry, this will be a valuable option for many companies looking to demonstrate their commitment to operating sustainably.”

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