Barrow Green Gas confirmed as UK’s ‘biggest’ shipper of biomethane

Barrow Green Gas (BGG) has been confirmed as the UK’s biggest shipper and supplier of biomethane, as the Green Gas Certification Scheme has revealed that sales of Green Gas Certificates have hit a total of 1TWh of biomethane

This 1TWh biomethane, also known as green gas, is enough to power 83,000 UK homes for a year. More than half of this biomethane has been supplied by Barrow Green Gas, via its producers throughout the UK.

Barrow Green Gas is the not only the biggest green gas shipper, but the only gas business in Great Britain that is focused solely on the biomethane market.  BGG supports biomethane producers, supplies biomethane to gas buyers and trades Green Gas Certificates from producers to buyers.

Using Green Gas Certificates, consumers and businesses can buy renewable energy from producers across Great Britain who are injecting biomethane into the gas grid.  What’s more, green gas is often made from food waste or sewage sludge, so is a growing part of the circular economy.

BGG puts more biomethane in the gas grid than any other shipper, supporting a record 33 biomethane producers throughout Great Britain.  The green gas shipped by BGG is not only being used by UK companies such as Sainsbury’s and Good Energy, but BBG also exports green gas from the UK to Essent, the largest energy company in the Netherlands.

Tim Davis, managing director of Barrow Green Gas, said: “Green gas usage has grown rapidly over the last few years as companies and consumers see the potential of green gas to reduce emissions.

“As BGG only support biomethane producers and ship green gas, we have been the first port of call for producers looking for the right company to support them injecting biomethane into the gas grid.

“Suppliers and consumers also come to us as they know we can give then a stable supply of green gas. We expect demand to continue growing rapidly as green gas becomes an established part of the circular economy.”

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