BALANCE extends portfolio to over 40 biogas plants

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BALANCE Erneuerbare Energien announced its acquisition of two new biogas sites in Saxony, Germany, at the start of 2023, with its portfolio thus being extended to over 40 biogas plants. Of these, 10 are located in Saxony.
The new plants are in Schöpstal and Oberlommatzsch, in the district of Meißen.
BALANCE said the Schöpstal biogas facility produces green gas for 4,000 households in Upper Lusatia. The ninth plant in Saxony in the district of Görlitz (around 7.6 MWFWL) processes biomethane from biogas and feeds it into the network of ONTRAS Gastransport, it added. The capacity of the plant is 700 standard cubic meters of biomethane per hour (Nm³/h). Maize silage, which comes from farms in the region, is used as the substrate.
The long-standing supply and service partnerships with farmers and logistics companies continue: “It is very important to us to take local characteristics into account. The production of biogas increases regional added value, forms an alternative income for farmers and creates jobs in rural areas," said BALANCE managing director Thomas Fritsch.
The Oberlommatzsch plant is the 10th BALANCE plant in Saxony. With an installed capacity of 500 kWel, this facility generates around 4GWh of renewable electricity from biogas every year.
This means that an average of 1,200 2-person households per year can be supplied with electricity, which corresponds to around 70% of the gross electricity generated from heating oil in the Free State of Saxony.
“Through the acquisition, we are consolidating the plant portfolio in Central Saxony and creating synergies in operational management and substrate supply with the existing plant in Bahra, which is only one and a half kilometers away. We look forward to consistently further developing and optimising this system in accordance with market requirements," explained Fritsch.


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