Bacavalley opens biomass power plant

In the Philippines, Bacavalley Energy has launched its biomass power plant in San Pedro, Laguna.

The plant, which cost $10 million (€7.57 million) to construct, will generate 4MW of energy from methane gas produced at the San Pedro landfill.

The landfill is located in a 12-hectare site in the southern province of Luzon and consists of around 1.6 million tonnes of waste. In 2007 two areas of the landfill were closed, however one section remains open and has a capacity of 1.2 million m3.

In November this year Bacavalley Energy signed a power purchase agreement with utility company Manila Electric Co., which will transport the electricity from the plant to the grid.

Commenting on the launch of the plant, Bacavalley’s president Peregrino Frenandez said: ‘Bacavalley Energy aims to be a leader and model in the renewable energy industry in the Philippines. By utilising resources generated from the destruction of methane, the company will help cater to the most important needs of the host community.’

With this in mind, the company is planning to open a second biomass plant in Luzon and one in the Visayas.

Photo source: Life

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