Babcock & Wilcox joins Australian biomass-to-hydrogen project

Ohio, US-based Babcock & Wilcox’s (B&W) renewable segment has agreed to to jointly develop a biomass-to-hydrogen clean energy project in Victoria, Australia with Port Anthony Renewables.

The project will utilise B&W’s BrightLoop™ technology. Once completed, the plant is expected to be part of the largest green hydrogen hub in southeastern Australia.

BrightLoop technology is part of B&W’s ClimateBright suite of decarbonisation technologies. It utilises a proprietary regenerable oxide particle to generate hydrogen from a variety of fuels, including biomass, natural gas, petroleum coke, coal, municipal solid waste for waste-to-energy and syngas while creating a concentrated stream of CO2 for sequestration or utilisation.

“The need for clean energy and decarbonisation solutions in the Asia-Pacific region is significant, and our ClimateBright technologies will play a key role in the growth of our business,” said Jimmy Morgan, B&W chief operating officer.

“Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through the use of low-carbon fuels such as hydrogen is an achievable goal being embraced by governments and industries worldwide and we’re excited to have proven technologies, such as BrightLoop, to meet this need.”

Ben Anthony, managing director and CEO of Port Anthony Renewables, said the company is pleased to have B&W join the development of the Port Anthony Green Energy Hub.

“The jointly developed project with Port Anthony Renewables at the Port Anthony Hydrogen Hub is a game changer, not only for our project but also for the decarbonisation of the Victorian and, in turn, the Australian economy,” said Anthony.

“We believe the future of all forms of transport in Australia is changing and hydrogen will play a key role alongside of battery electric vehicles in achieving our 2050 net-zero targets.”

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