Australian hydrogen plant utilising biogas feedstock to open in H2 ’23

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Australian technology company Hazer said that its 100 t/yr commercial demonstration plant (CDP) in Munster, Western Australia will be ready to commence hydrogen production in the second half of 2023, reported Argus.
The plant utilises biogas feedstock and iron ore as a catalyst to produce 380 t/yr of graphitic carbon, said Hazer chief executive officer Glenn Corrie.
The production process' carbon intensity has not been disclosed, but it is likely to be very low compared to steam methane reformation, which produces 9kg of CO2 for every kg of hydrogen produced, Corrie said.
He added that the CDP demonstrates Hazer's technology on a commercial scale and a continuous basis, and is viewed as the final stage before commercial deployment.
Hazer is likely to utilise some of the hydrogen for domestic power generation. Discussions are ongoing with domestic and foreign offtakers for the use of the graphitic carbon.
The company has partnered with Canadian firms to build a pilot plant in British Columbia, Canada. The plant will be 25 times bigger than the CDP, Corrie said.
The firm is also exploring opportunities for plants in Asia, Europe, and North America

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