Australian egg company to run on renewable power

Darling Downs Fresh Eggs is to become the first Australian egg producer to power its poultry business on renewable energy.

The Pittsworth, Queensland-based company is to install a $2.86 million (€2.15 million) biogas digester which will generate renewable power, slashing its consumption of fossil-based electricity by 60% in the first year.

According to Darling Downs Fresh Eggs' CEO Geoff Sondergeld, this is the first digester within the Australian egg production sector and the business was expecting cost savings of more than $250,000 from year one.

The project will be co-financed by the Clean Energy Finance Corp. (CEFC) and National Australia Bank (NAB). Quantum Power and RCM International will work together to design and deliver the facility.

CEFC CEO Oliver Yates said the plant would demonstrate the potential for the industry to convert its waste products into a valuable renewable energy source, and is replicable and scalable.

'There are more than 400 egg farms in Australia producing 2.34 billion eggs in a year. Installing biogas digesters at these sites would yield enough power to support the energy needs of more than 8,500 average family homes,' he says.

Quantum Power's CEO Richard Brimblecombe adds: 'We're expecting a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 1,000 tonnes per annum, through the reduced electricity and LPG usage. The plant will also reduce the site's methane emissions by over 6,000 tonnes CO2e per annum.'

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