Aseagas progresses with biogas plant in the Philippines

Gazasia CEO Richard Lilleystone took part in a tree planting ceremony at the site of the first Aseagas biomethane digestion plant in the Philippines.

The plant in Lian Batangas is the first of several plants planned for the nation by Aseagas and will produce biogas from organic waste. The biogas will then be processed to generate liquid bio-methane to be utilised as a renewable transportation fuel.

The initial $47 million (€34 million) plant is situated next to Absolut Distillers, a subsidiary of the Lucia Tan Group. Aseagas will take effluent from the distillery and process it through an anaerobic digestion facility. The resulting liquid will then be further processed to remove the remaining pollutants. AEV estimates the facility will have an annual capacity of 9,000 tonnes of biomethane, fuelling up to 200 buses or heavy trucks per year.

Aseagas plans to sell the liquid natural gas fuel to fleet owners who want to build up capacity in gas-run vehicles at a cheaper price than diesel.

Compared to diesel, biomethane is a clean burning fuel offering over 90% reduction in particulate matter emissions, over 60% reduction in nitrogen oxide and a 50% reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions.

Generating biomethane from biodegradable waste will also help alleviate the escalating burden of waste in Asia's rapidly growing cities and facilitate sustainable waste management.

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