Arla Foods to slash emissions with bio-LNG fleet

Arla Foods is set to become the UK's first zero carbon dairy after opening a bio-based liquefied natural gas (bio-LNG) filling station at its £150 million (€182 million) site in Aylesbury, UK.

The bio-LNG will be used to fuel Arla's fleet of trucks, with the first 10 dual-fuel vehicles to be put into operation this month. Gasrec, a supplier of liquefied gas fuel to the transportation sector, installed the bio-LNG filling station.

The two companies have formed a strategic partnership to develop and implement a strategy to introduce low emission bio-LNG fuel for Arla's heavy goods vehicle fleet across European operations. As part of the contract, Gasrec will supply bio-LNG and provide refuelling station infrastructure at the dairy matched to the number of trucks converted to use it.

Arla has a UK logistics target in place to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% by 2020 within the areas of production, transportation and packaging.

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