Aries Clean Technologies to focus on wastewater biosolids conversion

US company Aries Clean Energy has changed its name to Aries Clean Technologies, with a refined focus on the conversion of wastewater biosolids into renewable energy and useful by-products.

Unsafe disposal of biosolids can contaminate clean water supplies, representing a big problem for municipalities, business, people, and the planet.

Every year, the US alone produces seven million dry tons of biosolids, or treated sludge, with limited options for dealing with it. Current methods of disposal are unsustainable, can harm the environment, and are increasingly regulated and restricted. This applies to landfills, land applications, incineration, and composting.

“2020 was a mess,” said Aries CEO Greg Bafalis. “Let’s clean up some of our mess in 2021. With our proven technologies, we can keep biosolids out of the landfills and out of farmers’ fields. We can make the earth cleaner and healthier. We can also help cities and companies set and achieve sustainable carbon reductions and zero waste goals while keeping renewable debris out of landfills.”

Aries’ solution is to disrupt the existing biosolids disposal system using gasification technologies to convert biosolids into clean energy and beneficial by-products.

The wastewater treatment sector has long recognised that biosolids could be treated as a revenue stream, rather than an expensive problem, contributing to the development of a sustainable circular economy. The main challenge with implementing this vision has been technological.

“Our new name, Aries Clean Technologies, more fittingly represents what we offer – patented innovations around clean, sustainable technologies that leverage fluidised bed gasification for biosolids, and downdraft gasification for wood waste,” said Bafalis.

With eight patents, 10 years of product development and operating experience and two full-scale, operational facilities, Aries’ gasification solutions divert biosolids and biomass from landfills and convert them into clean energy and useful by-products – biochar and Bio-Fly-Ash™. Aries’ GREEN™ Biochar is used in manufacturing, carbon filtration, and as a soil amendment, while Bio-Fly-Ash is used in concrete production.

“We are looking forward to using this clean technology in New Jersey,” said Mayor Derek Armstead. “This will lead to a healthier community for all. The opening of this plant will provide additional revenue, reductions in operation and maintenance costs, and give our ratepayers an economic benefit that will allow the authority and the city to stabilise budgets.”

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