Arensis opens biomass testing laboratory in UK

Arensis has opened its new UK Alternative Energy Biomass Testing Laboratory in Andover, Hampshire.

In 2017 the company acquired the Verdo Renewable pellet plants in Andover and Grangemouth, giving Arensis capacity to produce 100,000 tonnes of renewable heating pellets per annum.

The grand opening event marked the debut of the Entrade E5 biomass-to-energy power system CHP unit. The company aims to ultimately power the pellet factory 100% with CHP units, in turn making the facility 100% renewable.

Lord Lieutenant Nigel Atkinson Esq performed the ribbon cutting of the new facility. “it’s amazing what you’ve done in those two years [since entering the UK]… the fact that you’ve grown to three main sites… I think it’s a great business story.” Atkinson said.

With regards to Arensis’ mission of providing green alternative energy Mr. Atkinson concluded with ”I do congratulate you on that because it is something that we all need in this country and across the world.”


Arensis have written an article in the latest issue of Bioenergy Insight on the role CHP can play in infectious wood disposal. Sign up for a copy of the magazine here.

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