Aqualia now producing biogas at Spanish WWTP

Water company Aqualia is now producing biogas at the Guijuelo wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Spain.

The new biofactory project in Salamanca, north-western Spain, transforms waste generated by the agri-food industry, together with sludge from the WWTP, into energy, biofuels, bioplastics and biofertilisers.

The 3,000 tons of biowaste treated at the facility, originating from local industry, are converted into enough biofuel to supply 50 vehicles, which already circulate in the municipality, with the biomethane obtained from WWTP installations. Two vehicles are already powered by the biogas.

By treating one ton of biowaste, enough biogas is obtained to travel up to 2,000 kilometres. This means that making use of 100% of the renewable biogas obtained from the biofactory would enable a car to make a round-trip to the moon 80 times a year.

The agri-food industry is an important part of Salamanca’s economy and the management of its waste poses an important challenge for the area, as it entails ‘significant’ costs. Faced with this concern, the Guijuelo Municipality, Aqualia and the Guijuelo Slaughterhouse joined forces in 2019 with TeCH4+ and Bionet Engineering to develop a solution at the local WWTP, as part of the INTERCONECTA ADVISOR innovation project.

“ADVISOR is proof of Aqualia’s commitment to Guijuelo and its innovation,” the mayor of Guijuelo said during an event on 16 September.

The presentation of the Guijuelo biofactory was broadcast via streaming to more than 200 spectators and welcomed several people involved in the industry.

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