Apple goes green

Computer giant Apple is to build a 500KW biogas-powered fuel cell project that will generate electricity to its facility located in Cupertino, California, saving more than 1.2 million kgs of CO₂ emissions a year.

The development is part of the company’s expansion on its green Cupertino facilities, which achieved a 5 million KW energy saving last year.

The regulatory authority is to supplement to site’s energy needs with offsite grid-purchased renewable energy and Apple says this will help it to get to its goal of powering its facilities in the area on 100% renewable energy.

In Maiden, North Carolina, Apple also has plans to install a biogas system for its new data centre, which was commissioned last year. As part of the LEED green designed building, the centre will feature a fuel cell installation that is set to be the biggest non utility fuel cell installation in the US when it comes online at the end of this year.

The 5MW project will be powered 100% by biogas, providing more than 40 million kWh of renewable energy.

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