Anaerobic Digestion plant in east of England set for redesign

PRM Waste Systems are redesigning an anaerobic digestion plant in the east of England. The company’s objective is to provide a reliable system for the separation of plastics from food waste.

The busy plant, the identity of which hasn’t been disclosed by PRM, takes in domestic food waste from local authorities, plus food waste from the hospitality and retail sector, and from manufacturing.

As a result of its previous separation system no longer being reliable or efficient, PRM designed the reconfiguration of the front end equipment, providing 2 x Runi SK370 Screw Compactors for AD, 2 x conveyors, plus a platform support frame and all required hoppers.

AD is becoming increasingly important in the UK. CO2 emissions in the country are at approximately 18 million tonnes, while almost half of the country’s food waste comes from domestic sources. As a result, AD is a cost effective and environmentally responsible system for waste management that also reduces the UK’s carbon emissions.

PRM is a company specialising in delivering cost effective solutions to industrial waste and recycling problems. They are the UK agents for several waste equipment companies, such as horizontal baler and conveyor manufacturers Imabe Iberica, and screw compactor manufacturer Runi.

The redesigning project in the east of England is approaching the end of the commissioning phase.

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